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How To Download Your Purchases

Unjailbroken users should follow the instructions in How to Install Themes instead

Step 1. Jailbreak Your Device:

Step 2. Get a modern package manager:

  • If you already use Zebra or Sileo as your package manager, skip to step 3

    1. Add Zebra’s repo: or click here to add it
    2. Install Zebra - Search for “Zebra” and install
    3. Transfer Sources - Open Zebra. From the “Home” tab, click “Community Sources”, then click “Transfer from Cydia.”

Step 3. Add Havoc’s repo:

Step 4. Login to your Havoc account

  • Zebra: Go to the “Home” tab, then “Stores”, then click “Havoc” and login
  • Sileo: Go to the “Featured” tab, then click the profile icon in the top right. Click “Havoc” and login
  • Search for your desired package and install!