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Transfer Emails

Who gets a transfer email?

You will receive a transfer email if you bought a package and it has moved to Havoc.

You will also receive an email if you had the package gifted to you on Packix. If you were gifted a package that came from another repo, please reach out to the seller with proof of the gift and they can provide you with a giftcode on Havoc.

There are two types of transfer emails:

  1. If the email you used on Havoc matches the one you signed up with on Packix (It does not matter which social media login you used), you will get an email saying “Because you already have a Havoc account, your purchase has been transferred automatically.” On the bottom of the email, you will see the email used.

  2. If the email you used on Havoc does NOT matches the one you signed up with on Packix, you will get an email containing a gift code that does not expire that can be redeemed at

What to do if you did not receive a transfer email:

  1. Double check that the package is currently live on Havoc. Not all packages from Packix have transferred over to Havoc yet. That is up to each individual seller.

  2. Double check your inbox to see if you got an email from [email protected].
  3. If you don’t see it in your inbox, check your spam or junk folder, in certain cases it may unfortunately end up there.

  4. If you have checked all the above and you are positive you did not receive an email and you should have, please send an email to [email protected] that contains the email address you used on Packix.