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Every package needs a description, but why write a low-effort one when you can write a great one!

Here is some info which you should include in your description:


  • Describe what your tweak does
  • List what applications it works in (if applicable) 
  • Explain your refund policy
  • Device support (Ideally, all devices should be supported, if this is the case you don’t need to mention it)


  • List how many icons are in the theme (this number should be maintained every update)
  • What your inspiration was for this theme
  • Explain your refund policy
  • A way of contacting you for icon requests such as email, Twitter, or Discord server

You should not add info that is already shown, such as:

  • iOS version support
  • Pricing
  • Support contact info. You should make sure this contact info is set in the developer portal.
  • Changelog - This belongs in the dedicated changelog section.