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File processing errors

In order to publish files on our platform we scan them for various reason. Below are some of the errors you might encounter after uploading a file

Debug deb

If you have uploaded a debug package, it will be automatically rejected by the system.

Invalid version

The version number is not valid. Please fix it and try again. (Follow semantic versioning if unsure.)

Missing Control File

Your package does not have a control file, you will need to add it and then try uploading again.

Missing Control Fields

You forgot to include a required control field, the system will tell you which one is missing.

Old Version

Your file was rejected for having a version number that is older than your most recently published. To solve this you must upload a file with a version that is newer than your latest.

Invalid Category

Your file was rejected for having an invalid Section value in the control file. The section must be one of the following:

  • Applications
  • Development
  • Tweaks
  • Themes

Invalid Folder Structure

Your file was rejected for having an invalid folder structure for the architecture you are targeting. For rootless (iphoneos-arm64) packages, files should reside in /var/jb.