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Payouts are automatically sent out on the 1st and 15th of every month.

If those dates take place over weekends or holidays, payouts will be sent during the next business day.

We hold individual purchase funds for 30 days to account for chargebacks, fraud, and refunds. The following are required to withdraw funds from the platform:

Payout Requirements

In order for your funds to be withdrawn, your account must have:

  • A linked payout method
  • A minimum pending balance of:
    • For PayPal and ACH (U.S. bank transfers): $20 USD
      • See below for a breakdown of fees covered by Havoc.
    • For Wire Transfers and international ACH: $30 USD
      • See below for a breakdown of fees you will need to pay.
    • Additionally, you may set a custom payout threshold above the platform minimum if you wish.

Receiving Payouts

If you’ve met all the above requirements your funds will automatically be sent to your payout method with no action required by you. If you do not meet any of these requirements, don’t worry, your funds will pass onto the next payout period.

Payout Fees

Below is a breakdown of the type of payout fees (imposed by payout processors) that Havoc will cover for you. To see the fee amount, view your payout details on the Wallet page in the Havoc Dashboard.

Charge Covered By Havoc?
Local Bank Transfer (ACH) Yes
PayPal Processing Fee Yes
PayPal Transmission Fee (U.S.) Yes
PayPal Transmission Fee (Non-U.S.) Yes
Currency Conversion Fee No
International Bank Transfer (ACH, eCheck) No
Non-USD Wire Transfers No
International Wire Transfer USD to USD No

Havoc does not profit off of any of these fees.

During the payout setup process, you will be able to view the relevant fees before finalizing. You can change your preferred payout method at any time after setup.