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Payouts are automatically sent out on the 1st and 15th of every month.

How Payouts Work

When a customer purchases your product, your proceeds are added to your wallet balance and are held for 30 days. Seller proceeds are recorded in USD regardless of the customer checkout currency.

We hold individual purchase funds for 30 days to account for chargebacks, fraud, and refunds.

After 30 days, the funds are released to the seller and sent to their selected payout method on the next payout date (the 1st or the 15th of the month).

In order to move funds from your wallet to your payout method, Havoc schedules your payouts ahead of time on payout-schedule dates. These are on the 23rd and 8th of every month (respective to the 1st and 15th).

Payout method changes will not take effect for payouts that have already been scheduled.

If you do not have a valid payout method set up on a payout-schedule date, your funds will remain in your wallet and be scheduled automatically on the next payout-schedule date.

Payout Requirements

In order for your funds to be withdrawn, your account must have:

  • A valid payout method set up on the payout-schedule date
  • A minimum balance of $20 USD in available funds
    • Your wallet balance includes both pending and available funds, but the wallet page will give you an estimate of your next payout.
    • Additionally, you may set a custom payout threshold above the platform minimum if you wish to offset any flat fees imposed by your payout method.

Receiving Payouts

If you’ve met all the above requirements your funds will automatically be sent to your payout method with no action required by you. If you do not meet any of these requirements, don’t worry, your funds will pass onto the next payout period.

Payout Fees

Because Havoc offers a variety of payout methods, there are often different fees associated with each method and each country a seller may reside in. You can view the fees associated with each payout method on the wallet page by clicking the “Configure” button at the top of the page.

Havoc does not profit off of any of these fees.

You can change your preferred payout method at any time after setup.