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How To Present Your Package

So, you just launched your package. Now you must be wondering “how can I make my product maximize its full potential?” That is a great question and below we are going to delve into what makes a great product presentation. Because at the end of the day, a customer is more likely to buy a package if your marketing is convincing enough.

Let’s start with screenshots:

Your screenshots should serve two primary functions. The first one is to show off what your package can do and the second one is to make your package attractive to potential buyers.

Your screenshots should show off your tweak or theme only, not someone elses so it is best practice to disable any other theme or tweaks that would show in the screenshot. The same can be said for the tweak’s preferences, if you have any UI themes enabled, it is best if you disable them.

As far as image orientation goes, unless it’s an iPad screenshot, it should be vertical and it’s perfectly ok if you want to break up a horizontal image into multiple vertical images.

A good resource to use for your product screenshots is the Store Screens App which gives your screenshots a beautiful, sleek, and modern design.

Now let’s talk descriptions:

The description is the backbone of your package. It’s the first thing a customer is going to see when opening up their package manager. By having an amazing description, you are potentially hooking a new customer for life.

Your description should list ALL the features that your package provides so the customer knows what it is exactly that they are purchasing beforehand.

It is best practice to utilize YouTube embeds if appropriate for your package. You can do this by simply adding a YouTube link to your description and it will automatically embed.

Including a refund policy is also helpful because it can convince customers to give your product a try without much risk on their end. However, note that Havoc’s store-wide refund policy will always apply, but you can add more generous policies on top of that.

Lastly, to avoid an influx in support requests, it would be wise to list any known issues or bugs so customers are aware of these things before purchasing.

Time to market your package:

Once your package is live with its beautiful screenshots and descriptions, you have ton’s of ways of marketing your product to reach a wider audience. Here is a list of social media options:

  • Twitter: Make a post tagging @HavocRepo about your product release and linking to the product page and we may give you a retweet.

  • Discord: The r/Jailbreak Discord Server has a #showcase channel which allows developers and designers to post their releases and updates. Additionally, a bot on the Havoc Discord Server will ping those who signed up for new package alerts about your release.

  • Reddit: Make a post on r/Jailbreak with either the [Paid Release] or [Free Release] flairs (and perhaps post that Reddit link on Twitter and Discord!) Be sure to direct link to the product page and then leave a comment with more information such as price and description.